2 ways
Grilled Fish 2 Ways
Enjoy the Sizzling Grilled Fish & Fish Kebab
Garlic Chicken 2 Ways
Garlic is such a good seasoning ingredient, but what if we put more and more
Egg 2 Ways
More eggs is always a good idea! An ingredient that everyone has!
Avocado 2 Ways
Have you ever eaten avocado in these ways? Give it a try!
Banana 2 Ways
So creative! Here's how you can eat your bananas!
Bread 2 Ways
So yummy, so tasty and so easy, the perfect sharing dish.
Brussel Sprouts 2 Ways
Nutritious brussel sprouts that may have you thinking twice about skipping that meal
Zucchini 2 Ways
Zucchini as shell, garnish or pancake? One vegetable, so many different ways to cook it!
Avocado Snack 2 Ways
Make a hard and stale loaf of bread soft and edible again with this avocado based snack
Oriental Style Shrimp 2 Ways
Dry-braised & Deep fried shrimps in Oriental style