Egg 2 Ways
More eggs is always a good idea! An ingredient that everyone has!
Whole Chicken Stuffed
Check out this Thanksgiving food idea, another way to eat the traditional turkey
Banana 2 Ways
So creative! Here's how you can eat your bananas!
Chicken Leftover 2 Ways
Make leftover Rotisserie chicken look and taste like a freshly prepared meal
Japanese Cheesecake
The Japanese cheesecakes have a much lower sugar content than other cheesecakes, making them healthier
Chocolate Mousse Brownie
A chocolatey brownie base, fluffy chocolate mousse and topped with a quick and easy chocolate cylinder
Fruits Donuts
You'll never guess what healthy thing these donuts are actually made from
Osmanthus Jelly 2 Ways
This sweet-scented osmanthus jelly originated in China more than 300 years ago.
Potatoes 3 Ways
Potatoes are easy, versatile and delicious
Honeycomb Strawberry Cake
How to use bubble wrap plastic and melted chocolate to create a honeycomb -like shape to top this moist and super light cake